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To Create a State of the Art Pre-apprenticeship Program Promoting the Evolution and Empowerment of Youth for Impactful Careers 


Are you interested in growing our next generation’s skills set? Do you want to give marginalized youth a  future and a hope? As an African-American female leader standing with qualified tradesmen, our initiative,  Evolve Youth Pre-Apprenticeship Program, is all about growing our next generation of students! We are  creating a pathway for marginalized youth to excel. This pathway provides young adults, ages 12-18, with an  opportunity to learn skills that can produce financial stability in our local manufacturing industries. We are  embedded in the community, providing job training and educational opportunities for all youth. 

What do these youth learn that can be life-changing? In our program, youth will learn vocational skills in  construction as well as other in-demand trades in HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical. Community service  is another vital part of our program in the rehabilitation of affordable housing for low-income or homeless  families. Our youth will split their time between in-classroom instruction and vocational on-site training. At the  end of each year, they will earn a certificate, receive credit towards graduation, learn to be community leaders,  and prepare for post-secondary training opportunities including college, apprenticeships, and employment.  

We intend to increase attendance, promote sustainable career paths and prevent students from dropping out of  school through this program. We intend to decrease the overall truancy and drop-out rates. Through early  engagement with parents and youth, we expect students to thrive in opportunities through our trade’s programs.  We are about creating success for our next generation of marginalized youth in particular. 

What are the key features of the Evolve Youth Trades Academy model? They are: 


Education/Occupational Skills: Specific trades education (i.e. cutting, tool recognition, wiring and re wiring, framing, measuring, soldering, reading blueprints, etc.) including OSHA safety skills, strong  communication and critical thinking skills, development of a good work ethic, team-based project learning,  becoming a quick learner, utilizing good time management skills and becoming flexible, determined and  persistent. 


∙ Innovative Alternative Education Programs: Offering at-school and after-school opportunities to become  familiar with the trades (plumbing, carpentry, electrical, HVAC) 


∙ Individualized and Project-Based Instruction: Offering the ability to utilize tools and equipment in an  industrial setting where students can grow their skill set in both team-based and individual projects.


Support Systems (mentoring, follow-up education services, and employment): Structured within the  Evolve Youth Pre-Apprenticeship Initiative is consistent modeling of skills within the actual trade/s and soft  skills modeling for successful living.


We are committed to transitioning our students well into an  apprenticeship program to continue their trades education. Currently, Evolve Youth Trades Academy has  relationships with Harrisburg Builder’s Association, HB McClure, Steelton-Highspire School District, and  Lowe’s (Harrisburg store).

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